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  FAQ Category Product Category Title Model No.
1 Product Specifications Indicators 43AL: Input resistance 43AL/43AL-B
2 Product Specifications Indicators 43AL1: Input resistance 43AL1
3 Product Specifications Indicators 6DV: Input resistance 6DV/6DVI/6DV-B/6DVI-B
4 Wirings/Terminal Connections etc. Indicators 47LPQ: To eliminate contact pulse input chattering 47LPQ/47LPA
5 Product Specifications etc. Indicators 47DV: Load resistance for the two-wire transmitter excitation 47DV
6 Product Specifications etc. Indicators 48NAVD: Load resistance for the supply output 48NAVD/48NDVD
7 How to use Indicators 47LCT: Usage in combination with a 1 A output clamp-on current sensor 47LCT